16th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit
23rd November 2023
Dubai, U.A.E.



This summit is a great forum of communication, collaboration, creation and connection and is a value driver for growth, innovation and sustainability for those organizations engaged in managing supply chain and logistics

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Kanchan Vora
Director SCLG

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OCS: Connecting the World Through Excellence in Courier and Freight Services

In the vast landscape of global courier services, Overseas Courier Services (OCS) stands out as a pioneer with a rich history dating back to its establishment in Japan in 1957. Founded by Kenji Otsuka, OCS was conceived with a singular mission: to deliver efficient and reliable courier services that bridge Japan with the rest of the world. What began as a venture primarily centered on documents and subscriptions has since evolved into a formidable global logistics company.

Evolution into a Global Logistics Powerhouse

OCS's growth trajectory is impressive, marked by a relentless commitment to excellence. The company has expanded its reach across five continents, boasting a robust network of more than 250 proprietary offices and hubs worldwide. Situated strategically, the Head Office is nestled near Heathrow Airport in the UK, emphasizing the company's global outlook. Tokyo serves as the Corporate Office, providing a centralized hub for strategic decision-making.

OCS UAE: A Joint Venture of Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), OCS has established a formidable presence through a joint venture between OCS ANA Japan and JNC UAE. The company's offices and sorting facilities are strategically located in key cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient services within the region.

A Vision Beyond Boundaries

OCS's vision transcends geographical constraints, encapsulating key pillars that define its operational ethos:

  • Global Connectivity: OCS envisions a world seamlessly connected through its services, transcending borders to facilitate swift and reliable courier solutions.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: At the heart of OCS's mission is a dedication to customer satisfaction. The company strives to exceed expectations by understanding and meeting the unique needs of its diverse clientele.
  • Innovations and Adaptability: OCS thrives on innovation, constantly adapting to the evolving dynamics of the logistics industry. Cutting-edge solutions and forward-thinking strategies underscore the company's commitment to staying ahead of the curve.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility: OCS recognizes the importance of sustainable business practices and operates with a sense of responsibility towards the environment and society. The company seeks to minimize its ecological footprint while contributing positively to the communities it serves.
  • One Stop Shop: The company's "One Stop Shop" approach offers a diverse array of services tailored to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern businesses.
    • Courier service – Cross border and Domestic.
    • Freight – Sea, Air and Land.
    • Ecommerce deliveries – Domestic and Cross Border.
    • Clearance and Logistic Services.

Overseas Courier Services (OCS) has not only carved a niche for itself in the courier industry but has also become a symbol of reliability, efficiency, and global connectivity. With a rich history, a robust global network, and a vision that extends beyond traditional boundaries, OCS continues to set new benchmarks in the world of logistics, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

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CSS Group: Pioneering Transformation in Maritime Excellence

Introduction: Situated in the heart of Dubai, where ambition meets innovation, CSS Group, or Consolidated Shipping Services, has become a dominant force in the maritime industry. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric values, CSS Group not only holds a prominent position in the sector but is reshaping industry standards.

Inception and Ethical Foundation: Established in 1995, CSS Group started as a modest venture with a visionary goal to redefine shipping and logistics. Since its inception, the company has adhered to a principled foundation anchored in integrity, reliability, and a customer-centric ethos. This commitment has propelled CSS Group to its current remarkable stature.

Pioneering Innovation: CSS Group has consistently embraced cutting-edge technologies, establishing itself as a trailblazer in the maritime domain. From advanced software solutions to automated processes, the company not only optimizes internal operations but sets new industry benchmarks. This dedication to innovation underscores CSS Group's commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Diversified Service Portfolio: Setting itself apart through a comprehensive service portfolio, CSS Group caters to a diverse spectrum of industries. Sea freight, air freight, project logistics, and supply chain solutions make CSS Group a reliable one-stop solution for businesses seeking seamless and dependable shipping services. The company's adaptability and capacity to evolve services in tandem with market dynamics have been pivotal to its enduring success.

Global Reach: CSS Group's success extends beyond Dubai, with a well-established network of offices and strategic partnerships worldwide. The company seamlessly connects businesses to international shipping solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. This global footprint not only solidifies CSS Group's standing but also contributes significantly to the growth and development of the maritime industry globally.

Commitment to Sustainability: In an era marked by environmental consciousness, CSS Group has proactively integrated sustainability into its operational framework. Utilizing energy-efficient technologies and optimizing shipping routes to reduce carbon emissions, CSS Group's commitment to sustainability reflects corporate responsibility and responsiveness to environmentally conscious clientele.

Conclusion: Consolidated Shipping Services, Dubai, epitomizes the triumph of vision, innovation, and unwavering dedication. As CSS Group continues to navigate the intricate waters of the shipping industry, it serves as an exemplar for aspiring enterprises. Success, it demonstrates, is attainable through a steadfast pursuit of excellence, a proactive embrace of innovation, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Within the dynamic realm of maritime logistics, CSS Group stands tall as a beacon of success, illuminating a path towards a future where industry standards are not merely met but exceeded.


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