16th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit
23rd November 2023
Dubai, U.A.E.



Rob O'Byrne

Rob O'Byrne

Rob O'Byrne is the Founder and Owner of the Logistics Bureau Group of Companies whose purpose is to:

Inspire People and Businesses to Change Their World

This grows out of Rob's passion in helping people and businesses achieve their full potential.
Rob who has often been called a 'Serial Entrepreneur' continues to add to the Logistics Bureau Group. The Group focuses primarily on the area of Supply Chain and Logistics. As of mid 2012 the group comprised the following companies spread across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and the Philippines.

Logistics Bureau (Management Consultants) Logistics Bureau Asia (Management Consultants)
Benchmarking Success (Performance Improvement)
Training LBA (Training)
Supply Chain Secrets (Education)
Supply Chain Focus (Online Supply Chain Community)
Virtual Done Well (Admin Outsourcing)

Rob who lives in Sydney was born in Jersey in the UK, was educated at Cranfield University in the UK and moved to Australia in 1993. He became a proud Australian citizen in 1997. (And Yes, he cheers for Australia at the Cricket). He is married with four grown up children.

Rob established Logistics Bureau in 1997, and as at the 15th Birthday of the Business in 2012, Rob had enjoyed overseeing more than 1,200 client projects across 22 countries within a broad range of industries.

His greatest satisfaction is in assisting customers improve their business and operational performance and over the years Rob has personally led projects that have delivered $ Billions in bottom line savings and improved customer service levels.

Rob has been working, teaching and consulting in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain since he was 17!

Along the way, Rob has picked up a few interesting 'ticks in the box', such as a Masters Degree in Logistics from Cranfield, a stint as a Nuclear Rocket Engineer and membership of Mensa (the high IQ society). So he probably qualifies as an entrant for Beauty and the Geek! Though which one, we are not quite sure …..

To add to his 'bucket list', he has published a series of books on Supply Chain and has built a range of educational and development services (Supply Chain Secrets) focussed on Supply Chain and business improvement.

When not helping clients and building and growing businesses, Rob feeds his 'Artistic side' with song writing and playing the Guitar and Piano … very badly.

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  • 46th Annual SAPICS Conference
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  • IATA World Cargo Symposium

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