16th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit
23rd November 2023
Dubai, U.A.E.



Jerzy Zientkowski

Jerzy Zientkowski
Training Business Unit Sales Head, Relopack Sp. z o.o. & Co-founder, Simmersiv, Poland

Jerzy Zientkowski currently is co-founder of Simmersiv, company specializing in transferring knowledge into digital and virtual world. 

With experience across multiple industries, from IT to Logistics to Sales, Jerzy is focused on effectiveness, clarity and uniqueness of presentations and sales. Has 25+ years of business experience, working in and for small and big companies, talking to 30 000+ people yearly. Member of Professional Speakers Association in Poland. Vice-President of the PSA (2012-2016).

Jerzy is responsible for sales in Simmersiv. Simmersiv, a company with several years of experience in Virtual Technology, aiming to transfer your knowledge, skills, and business scenarios into the digital world, to speed up onboarding, lower costs of trainings and remove risks and obstacles in training in dangerous environments.

Jerzy represents Relopack. Relopack is Poland based company that specializes in industry-level packaging. Aiming to be one of the top providers, Relopack in cooperation with Simmersiv developed ReloFix, app that helps minimizing risks and solve problems related to securing cargo.

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