Supply Chain and Logistics Summit, Year 2020 Dubai
11th November 2020

Annual Industry Networking and Dinner



Brent Melvin

Brent Melvin
CEO, Gallega Global Logistics

Brent Melvin

CEO Gallega Global Logistics

Brent has over 30 years’ experience in transport and logistics, and is based in the Middle East for the past 15 years providing specialised logistics solutions for perishable cargo, automotive spare parts and finished vehicle logistics.

Brent has extensive knowledge in warehousing and last mile delivery, including e-commerce having worked for some of the leading integrators and has recently worked in the digital logistics space to develop on demand trucking and fulfilment solutions.

Brent currently works for Gallega Global Logistics offering finished vehicle logistics, storage, spare parts management, PDI services and accessory fitment to vehilces.

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