Supply Chain and Logistics Summit, Year 2020 Dubai
11th November 2020

Annual Industry Networking and Dinner



Dr. Ting Ho

Dr. Ting Ho
CEO, Qi Biotech Company Limited, Hong Kong


Dr Ting Ho is currently CEO of a Hong Kong-based company, Qi Biotech Company Limited, focusing on from food safety, healthy nourishment and seeds-to-table strategy, including the creation of supply chain to support production, processing, storage, and distribution.


Dr Ho was a senior executive of an OEM shoe manufacturer where he acquired extensive knowledge and experience in product commercialization, manufacturing, branding, licensing and distribution.


Dr Ho’s has worked on various capacities, including strategic investors’ relationships, investments, corporate renewal, corporate planning and Business Plan forecast, partnership development, and new investment explorations.


He is an advisor to the Guangdong Provincial government on logistics planning, the information revolution, Big Data, Industrial 4.0, Automation and deployment of robots and intelligent drones for civilian and industrial use, and supply chain management through the IOT (Internet of Things) advisory committee. He is instrumental in setting up the Southern China Logistics Platform for tracing and tracking the flows of cargoes in and out of China.


He was the first Chief Economist of FedEx Corp headquartered in Memphis, Tenn. He played a crucial role in developing the FedEx global logistics networks, including Asia One Networks, China and Southeast Asia market development. 


Dr Ho has a doctoral degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a First Class Honors bachelor degree in Statistics from the University of Malaya. His current interests include Halal Food logistic platform development with a number of Muslim nations, including UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, and Nigeria.


Dr Ho has also participated actively in the development of the Danube Macro-Region as a Herald to collaborate with a number of organizations based in Vienna and Eastern Europe.

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