16th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit
23rd November 2023
Dubai, U.A.E.



Waqi Munim

Waqi Munim
Fintech Innovator / Founder, GrowthLab Solutions / Principal at Courageous Minds

Waqi Munim is a global corporate leader with thirty years of experience in building businesses around the world. He is a Procter and Gamble alumni, where he worked for twenty-five years in nine countries and served in various regional, global, and category CFO positions.  Later, he worked as a Member of the Executive Board and Managing Director, Digital and Adjacent Businesses in ProsiebenSat1, a Munich-based Media company. In 2017, he started his consultancy, Courageous Minds, with a mission to help regional business leaders and their teams operate at peak performance levels by hardwiring value creation in the business and M&A strategies, operations, and measures.  

Waqi is the author of 2 books, The Story of Courage and Rhythms of Life. In addition, he is launching his new book, Inner Conversations.  The book provides a framework of powerful rituals and practices to keep the mind calm and free of mind chatter to enable it to operate at peak performance levels.  Stress and anxiety generally creep in when our challenges are more significant than our frame of thinking. The rituals, exercises, and recommendations will help individuals expand their thinking-frame to overcome the ever-increasing challenges of these modern and VUCA times. 

Waqi is passionate about inspiring others and himself to live a purposeful life with high energy to experience a well-rounded value creation in all forms of well-being; spiritual, physical, emotional, social, creative, and material. 

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