16th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit
23rd November 2023
Dubai, U.A.E.



Saudamini Dubey

Saudamini Dubey
Digital Transformation and Innovation Lead Partner, Deloitte Middle East

Remaining relevant in a world experiencing profound shifts needs getting comfortable with Change. As an enthusiastic & curious Digital Transformation & Innovation Executive, I live & breathe Change as a ‘second skin’.

I’ve been at the helm of exciting digital transformations across govt.,healthcare & pharma industries. Bringing bold Strategies to life, with cohesive, gritty teams,has been nothing short of inspiring. And while taking the ‘road less traveled’ brings steep learnings,nothing beats the joy of realizing a pioneering Purpose together!

I’ve led transformations creating human-centered experiences, designing new service delivery & business models & scaling processes & technology. Using Design Thinking, Agile & a maker mindset. Delivering new Value, sparking joy & enriching lives.

While the confluence of innovative technologies present untold opportunities, I believe a ‘People First’ culture is key for delivering sustainable performance.Towards this end,I zealously nurture teams, creating a positive culture, promoting Values of trust, empowerment, learning & collaboration. Where hearts are open, minds free to explore, imagination & experimentation ‘take wing' & soar!

I love building,leading & scaling Teams,including Design Studios,for serving Client needs.I invest attention & energy to develop leaders of the future-recruiting,mentoring & nurturing them. As an advocate of inclusion & diversity, I practice & champion an inclusive,empathetic leadership style-encouraging diversity of thought,word,action & spirit.

My journey,thus far, has been fulfilling & rewarding. Delivering new Value inspires me everyday. The role of Trusted Advisor to Clients is a commitment I persistently strive to live up to. Leadership's a privilege to be earned,a responsibility to serve everyday.

The shifts we’re experiencing present new opportunities to push boundaries. Experiment. Innovate. Learn. Evolve. Create a better Future. Together. Explains why I love what I do and do what I love-always,all ways!

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