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22nd November 2017
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14th March 2018



Kevin J. Dare

Kevin J. Dare

Face Consultants have over 20 years of international experience specializing in the design, construction and operation of warehouse and industrial floors and associated concrete paving. Face Consultants are the only significant independent floor flatness surveyors and the only UKAS accredited surveyors in this field and are internationally acknowledged as experts on the design and serviceability of warehouse and distribution centre floors.

Kevin Dare is a Chartered Construction Manager and has been involved with high tolerance floors for over 25 years. He is Chairman of the CoGri Group of companies and Managing Director of Face Consultants. As well as developing his own methods of constructing 'Super Flat' floors' he is the inventor of the Laser Grinder® and the family of Face Digital Floor surveying instruments, including the Profileograph, Prop II meter, the DINmeter and the F Speed Reader.

Kevin is a founder member and the current Chairman of the UK's Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC) and was heavily involved in the background of the latest edition of the UK's design guide on industrial concrete floors; the Concrete Society's Technical Report No. 34,and being instrumental in the revised flatness specifications within this document.

As well as running a global group of specialist flooring companies designing, specifying, testing, constructing and rectifying warehouse floors, he has given advice to working parties of UK, European and ISO standards on maters of floor surface regularity.

He could be regarded as the link between the Materials Handling Industry and the Industrial Flooring Industry; understanding the requirements of one and the capabilities of the other.

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