11th Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit, Dubai
21st November 2018
Annual Industry Networking and Dinner
20th March 2019


About Us

Headquartered in Dubai (UAE),Supply Chain & Logistics Group(SCLG) is a membership driven industry business group engaged in advancing supply chain & logistics industry locally, regionally and globally. SCLG currently has a membership base of 200+ corporate organizations and is growing.

SCLG is a purpose based organization delivering values through bringing policy centric discussion, connection, communication, collaboration, creation, motivation, empowerment and encouragement to individuals, organizations industryand economy. SCLG engages in supporting and conducting industry centric conferences, roundtables, educational awareness, site visits and supports publications and co-ordination of magazines and research notes aimed at growth and innovation of

Founded in Dubai, the smart and green city of innovation, SCLG is expanding globally by launching and supporting development of international chapters. These international chapters are formed and grown by international advisors.

SCLG is continuously striving to encourage adoption of best practices for innovation, visibility, sustainability, technology adoption and social accountabilitythrough its various roundtables, forums, technical workshops, training, conferences. 


To provide an accessible, dynamic, professional networking environment that facilitates the achievement of professional, educational, and personal goals by members of SCLG community in an atmosphere that encourages professional development, diversity, and innovation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


  • To promote the cause of Logistics and Supply Chain industry and raise the overall standards of all industries on end to end supply chain.
  • To protect the interest of member organisations and support government bodies in formulation of policy framework for logistics organisations.
  • To encourage the free exchange of knowledge and skills relating supply chain and logistics within the members of the organisation.
  • To provide all members an opportunity to network among each other and help facilitate an overall efficient commercial environment.
  • Undertake studies, compute and maintain information, statistical data and official documents relating to various aspects of supply chain and logistics industry for the benefit of all.
  • To establish and maintain contact with similar organisations internationally and provide all members an opportunity to network with like- minded organisations /members across globe.
  • To conduct training courses, seminars, conferences and studies relating logistics and supply chain; also establish a library and research centre relating this industry to expand the knowledge base.
  • To establish good relations with other professional groups or societies that are existing or to be established locally or globally.
  • To promote the cause of education in Supply Chain and Logistics among nationals of UAE and thereby contribute to build a cadre of professional and extra competent nationals to take up current and future challenges of Logistics/ Supply Chain industries.
  • Continuously keep refining service portfolio to ensure consistent and effective service delivery to industry and community.

Please send mail to in case you are seeking to know more and about SCLG membership.

Endorsed Events

  • ASEAN Forum
  • Asia Warehousing Show 2018
  • Middle East Rail 2018
  • Asia Pacific Maritime 2018
  • Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2018
  • IOT Asia 2018
  • Breakbulk China
  • Blockchain West
  • 19th Intermodal Africa
  • Procurement Middle East Conference 2018
  • Seamless Middle East 2018
  • 6th MED Ports 2018
  • 7th Black Sea Ports and Shipping 2018
  • Supply Chain Summit
  • 2018 International Pharma Logistics Exhibition and Conference
  • 8th India Warehousing Show 2018
  • IMHLS2018
  • 16th ASEAN Ports & Shipping 2018
  • 2nd LAST MILE ASEAN Conference & Expo
  • 2nd Baltic Ports & Shipping 2018
  • 15th Trans Middle East 2018
  • 20th Intermodal Africa 2018

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